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Squeaky Brakes?

By July 11, 2022Auto Repair
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Driving a car with squeaky brakes is never fun. If you find that your car’s brakes have been squeaking a lot more than usual lately then this could definitely be a cause for concern. While we aren’t saying that you must run to the closest mechanic, there are various things that could be causing your brakes to squeak. Read on to learn about our tips and causes for this issue with your vehicle. Getting quality auto repair in Philadelphia, PA has never been easier when you visit us or give us a call. We are always more than happy to help in any way we can!

Worn Brake Pads

If when you are out on the roads, you notice that your brakes are making a squeaking or scraping sound then this is typically a telltale sign of brake pads that are either wearing down or in need of changing. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that manufacturers often put metal strips on top of the brake pad that will make a squeaking noise whenever friction is low. If you let the issue, go on for a long time and choose to ignore it, then this could do some serious damage to your brake rotors. So, while that noise can be a helpful warning message for you, it is not to be ignored for too long!

Outside Exposure Overnight

Another common reason for squeaking brakes is when cars sit out overnight and gathers dust or dew moisture in the brakes. While this can lead to a little bit of surface rust on the rotors, this issue is typically temporary. After the vehicle and brakes are used a few times after this issue first presents itself, the issue should resolve itself on its own. To solve this problem altogether, you may want to look into storing your vehicle in a garage for overnight parking.

Brake Caliper Hardware Not Lubricated

One of the most common mistakes that some inexperienced mechanics can make when installing a brake system is improperly lubricating the brake caliper hardware. To resolve this issue, we recommend taking your car to an experienced mechanic.

auto repair Philadelphia, PADamaged Brake Rotors

If your vehicle’s brake pads have become worn out or damaged, then there may also be damage to your vehicle’s brake rotors. If this is your issue, then you may hear a squeaking noise along with a vibration as well. If you let this problem persist for too long, however, then this could eventually lead to an unpleasant scraping and grinding noise. To avoid your vehicle’s brakes failing, then we suggest taking your car to a professional as soon as possible!

Modern Brake Materials

If you have a newer vehicle and have noticed that there seems to be a squealing or squeaking noise, do not panic! In fact, a lot of newer vehicles’ brakes are made with more aggressive metal materials which could lead to those noises. If you encounter these sounds, we suggest calling up your service provider to figure out why this could be happening.

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