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Maintenance in the Summer

By July 4, 2022Auto Repair
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Summer weather means more trips in the car. Whether you’re driving over to a favorite location, taking a road trip, or just cruising around your neighborhood, you’ll want to do your best to keep your vehicle in top condition. When the summer comes around, there are a lot of little things to keep in mind about our vehicles. If you are unfamiliar with how to best maintain your car in the summer months, read on as we’ve got tons of suggestions and tips to keep in mind! Whenever you are looking for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we hope that you will stop by our location to learn more about all the services we offer!

Check Your Fluids

As the temperatures outside begin to rise, you’ll want to do all you can to ensure that your vehicle’s fluid levels are looking normal. We suggest beginning by making sure that your vehicle’s AC unit has enough coolant while also being sure to check for any leaks. Even the most diligent drivers experience leaks, so there’s never any reason to get discouraged if you find one. To check for them, all that you have to do is gently squeeze the hoses while ensuring it has a healthy amount of elasticity and that no air is escaping. Additionally, once you finish this step you should also check the fluid levels by checking your vehicle’s windshield wipers, brakes, and oil.

Don’t Neglect Your Tires

Did you know that tires lose around a pound of air every month? Shocking, we know. This is just one reason why you should absolutely include checking your vehicle’s tires in your summer car maintenance routine. Driving a vehicle often and in hot weather conditions can cause the tires to lose even more air than usual, which is why this tip is so important for the summer months. To avoid experiencing a tire blowout and becoming stranded on the side of the road, we emphasize that you ensure the quality of your tires. We suggest taking your car’s tire pressure once the car has cooled off completely in order to get the most accurate reading.

auto repair Philadelphia, PASwitch Out Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

Believe it or not, in the winter months your vehicle’s air filter can become home to debris, leaves, critters, and even bugs. For best results, we suggest opting for a new filter altogether rather than spending time cleaning it out. Depending on your level of expertise and the make and model of your vehicle, it is very likely that you’ll need a professional’s help when switching out your car’s air filter.

See If You Need a New Engine Belt

Has your car been making a terrible squealing sound lately? If so, then you might want to look into replacing your car’s engine belt. If the engine belt slipped out of place without you ever having realized it, this can cause it to begin falling apart. We recommend inspecting it yourself for any cracks or loss of proper tension.

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