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Money-Saving Driving Tips

By February 14, 2022Auto Repair
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We all know how expensive purchasing a car can be, and, oftentimes, after this major purchase the costs don’t stop just there. From repair costs, maintenance upkeep, gas, monthly payments, and more, owning a car can eventually become a huge financial burden. We’d like to educate all auto owners on what they could be doing to save themselves a great deal of money in the long run. After becoming familiar with the provided tips and tricks, saving money while owning your vehicle will become almost second-nature. When you do need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are happy to lend a hand and assist you in any way that we can!

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Being an aggressive driver is a very easy way to ensure that your pockets will be emptied more frequently than most at the gas pump. This is because fast acceleration, speeding, and harsh braking are acts that all waste large amounts of fuel. We suggest that you maintain speeds between 30-55 mph in order to keep your fuel consumption under control.

Reduce Excessive Idling

Did you know that turning on your car’s ignition without moving can cause you to use up to a quarter to half gallon of gas per hour? We suggest that when you do plan on driving somewhere unfamiliar that you use resources to check the route ahead of time for any accidents or traffic. While it may seem like a nuisance in the beginning, planning your journey out on the road ahead of time will save you so much more money in the long run!

Use the Right Motor Oil

One of the best things you can have on hand if you own a car is your owner’s manual. While many probably disregard it, the owner’s manual contains a plethora of useful information pertaining to your vehicle’s exact model. Included among all of the information in the manual is the preferred type of motor oil that is best for your vehicle. Unfortunately, using the wrong motor oil in your vehicle can end up costing you money. This is because motor oil that is not meant for your vehicle can increase friction in your car’s engine and use up your fuel by 1-2 percent.

Be Mindful of AC Usage

In the days of the hot summer months, it can be easy to go crazy with the AC in your vehicle. While there are times when turning on the air conditioning is necessary, we recommend using the windows whenever it is possible. If you are someone who relies heavily on the air conditioning, allow your car to cool significantly with the windows rolled down once you start your car and then turn on the AC a few minutes later so that your consumption is not repairs in Philadelphia, PA Air conditioning increases fuel consumption by up to 10%, so we recommend using it wisely!

With all of these new tips and suggestions you will undoubtedly be on the road to saving yourself large amounts of money in the long run! It is unavoidable that owning a vehicle will cost you money every now and then, but this does not mean that it has to break your bank. Auto repair in Philadelphia, PA is available from us, so contact us today!

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