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Fixing Scratches on Your Car

By January 17, 2022Auto Repair
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There is little else that ruins a good day as much as discovering that your vehicle has been scratched. Many people’s first reactions are to agonize over the cost while making their way over to the closest auto repair shop. What some people may not be fully aware of is that not every scratch requires a trip to the repair shop. Actually, there are a ton of unique and handy methods you can use to minimize the sight of, if not completely eliminate stubborn scratches! If you do find that you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA then we highly suggest you come in today and pay us a visit! We are always happy to help!


Funnily enough, your household toothpaste may serve more purposes than just maintaining the brightness of your smile. That’s right, toothpaste has been known to reduce the appearance of scratches on vehicles. The reason that toothpaste is an effective tool in this aspect is largely due to its abrasive properties. The toothpaste will gently sand down any uneven surfaces and fill in the cracks. We recommend prior to use that you make sure that the affected area is clean! Afterward, all that is left to do is simply use a toothbrush to gently rub the toothpaste on the scratch. Remember to wipe up any leftover toothpaste afterwards and do not hesitate to go in with a second coat if necessary!

Shoe Polish

If you have any old shoe polish lying around, do not throw it out! Shoe polish has been found to be an effective tool in combating unsightly nicks and scratches on vehicles. It is worth mentioning, however, that this method typically works best on vehicles of darker shades of paint. This method is similar to the toothpaste method in that after you ensure that the scratched area is clean, you simply rub in the product gently and wait for the results!

Nail Polish

What’s great about using nail polish as a method of reducing the sight of unsightly scratches on your vehicle, is that it comes in a plethora of various colors and shades! Simply shop around for a shade similar to your car and paint over the scratch as much as needed. While this does not actually fix the scratch, this is a great temporary fix until you are able to properly take your car in for a repair.

Scratch Repair Kit

While not a permanent solution, auto shops do have scratch repair kits widely available in their stores! Simply pick up a repair kit and get to work. It should be noted that these kits are ideal for light to moderate scratches, as opposedauto repairs in Philadelphia, PA to more serious and deeper scratches. These kits do come with a scratch filler, so it makes for a perfect temporary solution that will undoubtedly leave you satisfied!

Finding nicks and scratches on your vehicle is never a fun experience. But hopefully with these new tips and tricks you are able to handle these instances with a lot more ingenuity and speed. Auto repair in Philadelphia, PA is available with us anytime you need it. Call today!

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