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The Ultimate Accident Checklist

By December 20, 2021Auto Repair
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Inevitably and despite all precautions, we will all find ourselves in one auto accident or two while out on the road. This does not mean you should beat yourself up over it, it comes with the territory. Fortunately, there are many actions you can take after an accident that will ease some of your worry and stress. Simply being prepared is sometimes the best and only thing we can do. We believe in these circumstances knowledge is essential, so if you are faced with substantial damage after an accident and need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are more than happy to help you get back on the road!


While it may seem like an obvious suggestion, in the heat of the moment people can oftentimes forget that the best thing to do before anything else is to ensure everyone’s safety. Do not under any circumstances leave the scene of the accident. While you may feel panicked, leaving is never the right thing to do. Also, if you are able to, move your car toward a safer location and out of the roadway. Be sure to communicate with the other driver as to where you are moving your car so that you can exchange information in a safe location, away from traffic and other vehicles. Another vital action to take is to contact 911 if you or anyone else involved in the accident is injured. Additionally, 911 should also be contacted if there is debris such as glass or car parts in the roadway, as this can lead to further accidents.

Remain Calm

It may seem impossible to remain calm in such a high-stress situation, but it is absolutely key and beneficial. Remaining calm after an accident will allow everyone involved to think more clearly and make better decisions moving forward. Becoming frantic after an accident will not help the situation, and may even escalate to disputes or further mishaps, so we suggest taking a deep breath and carefully reevaluating your situation. Additionally, try not to put the blame on anyone, even if someone else is at fault. Things will get resolved in time so adding negative energy during such a traumatic situation will not help the matter.

Exchange Information

This is an obvious next step after you find yourself in an accident but it’s worth repeating that you should absolutely make sure you exchange information with the other driver. For basic information purposes, be sure to exchange names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You should also be sure to write down the drivers license number of the vehicles involved for future use.

Take Photos

Taking photographs of the incident is a major next step following an accident. Doing so ensures that you areauto repairs in Philadelphia, PA protected if any disputes arise that may not be completely true.

Getting into an accident is never fun, but we hope that we have better prepared you for how to react if you find yourself in one in the future. Your safety is our top priority, and our ultimate goal is to be able to help you back on the road as safely and efficiently as possible. When you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we will be more than happy to lend a hand!

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