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Choosing Good Auto Repair Shops For Maintenance

By August 9, 2021Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

There are lots of good shops out there that can help you with auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, but you are going to want the best. And while many shops offer quality services and have a good reputation for honesty, there are some bad apples out there, too. Here are a few ways you can avoid those bad ones and get the good auto repair for the maintenance you need on your vehicle.

Check Licensing and Certification

One thing you can do to protect your vehicle and your interests is to ask the auto repair shop if they have licensing and certification. It’s also wise to look at their insurance. While any shop can tell you that yes, they have that, you will want to see the proof in order to be certain. There’s no reason for any shop to be guarded about showing you proof of those things. If they act weird about it or don’t want to produce the documents, move on.

Check What Other People Are Saying

You want to know that the shop you are going to use is one that lots of people have had success with. Their reputation should be proven by their track record and experience. You can check with people you know and see if they have used the shop they are considering or if they have recommendations. You can also go online and read reviews outside of the auto shop website so you can get a full idea as to what people think of that shop and what their experiences were like. If you see too many bad reviews, you might want a different shop.

Look Into Pricing

You need fair prices from your auto repair shop. They should lowball the prices because that may very well mean that the quality might not be to the level that you need and want it. Prices that are too high mean they are trying to make more money off you than they should with the repairs you need. Middle of the road, fair prices are what you want and with the internet on hand, you can easily find out what prices are median and fair for your area.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAMeet The Mechanic In Person

You should be able to meet the mechanic you are going to work with in person. They can take a short break from what they are working on or you can schedule a time to meet with them to talk about their experience with vehicles like yours and in the industry as a whole. This could be a long-term relationship and getting to know the person who will be working on your car can make you feel more comfortable in moving forward.

When you are looking for a new shop to help you with auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, try to look around when you aren’t in desperate need. Try some shops for maintenance items and see what you appreciate about each. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center would be happy to be in consideration for your repair needs.

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