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Brake Maintenance Matters

By July 26, 2021Auto Repair
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There are many safety features on your vehicle that matter, but your brakes are one of the largest and most important. Instead of crossing your fingers every time you get into the vehicle, hoping the brakes work well, even if they are starting to make noise, it’s best to work on preventative maintenance with auto repair in Philadelphia, PA.

Know Your Owner’s Manual

One thing you can do to prevent issues with your brakes, and other parts of your vehicle, is to know your owner’s manual well. Read through it and see about how many miles you can go between oil changes, about how many miles the brake pads can take, and other such things You might even be able to mark your calendar to check your mileage and make appointments to make it easier on you as you move ahead with your life.

Understand Brake Pad Needs

The brake pad is always going to be the first thing to go on your brakes. Those pads are going to have to be changed. And the good news is, they don’t cost nearly as much to change out as other parts of the brakes. You can usually go a certain number of miles on pads, but they can wear faster if there are other things going wrong with your car or if you are hard on the brakes overall. It’s wise to have them checked out every oil change so you can anticipate when they need to be changed. And when they start to show wear, change them so nothing else gets out of whack on the brakes.

Check Price Points

Before you commit to a certain brake pad, it’s smart of you to check through price points. There are options and while you want something high in quality that’s going to last, you might have some wiggle room in price with certain manufacturers and what you can use on your vehicle.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAGet A Reliable Mechanic

The best thing you can do for any type of repair or maintenance you need on your vehicle has a reliable mechanic. You want something you can trust that when they say something needs to be done, it really needs it. You know when they tell you the brakes need fluid or the pads are getting worn that those are things they would do on their own vehicle. They aren’t trying to pull anything over on you.

Auto repair in Philadelphia, PA is very important and you will want to stay on top of things when it comes to your ability to break. Brakes are something you use every time you drive. You have to stop at signs, lights, and sometimes, suddenly when someone pulls out in front of you. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help you with brake maintenance, oil changes, and everything else you might need on your vehicles. Give us a call if you have any questions, otherwise, schedule a tune up and we can look things over and make sure all is well.

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