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Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

By November 23, 2020Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

As the weather cools and you start to notice a change in the air around you, there are a lot of things guaranteed to come your way. One of those things is a car you just cannot keep clean. Not only do you shake your head at how dirty your car always looks, but the salt and sand from the roads can cause damage as well. The professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA have ideas for how to protect and keep your car as clean as possible this upcoming winter season.

Store It Inside

If you have a garage, clear it out and store your car inside over the winter. You might normally park outside because your garage is full of other things, but it’s important for your vehicle’s cleanliness to get it into that garage or under a carport overnight. Plus, you don’t have to get up early to clean the windshield off. If you normally park on the street near the office, but you have the option of a covered parking garage or another such area, you might want to consider that for winter as well to keep the car in better shape.

Wax Before Winter

Wax will make your car look nice and shiny, which might make you lament winter even more, but it also protects your car for the upcoming months. The wax will act as another layer between the winter weather and the paint job on your car. It makes dirt easier to rinse off and prevents ice from sticking to the vehicle. It also helps the sand bounce off the vehicle instead of sticking and scratching.

Rinse When Possible

There’s no way to keep your vehicle spotless during the winter months—unless you leave it in the garage and never go anywhere. But when you do have a day that warms up a bit, try to rinse the dirt off the vehicle to keep it in the nicest possible condition. It’s not going to be possible every day, or even as often as you’d like, but you might get a few warm days here and there to rid your vehicle of the dirt and grim.

If you need other tips for protecting your vehicle from the dirt that inevitable comes along with the winter weather this area gets, contact professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. At

auto repair Philadelphia, PA

Schafer’s Auto Center, we don’t just do oil change, maintenance, and repairs…we also give advice. We’re here to help you figure out what you should do with your vehicle to keep it in the best possible condition, inside and out. When you come in for your regular oil change, we’ll check the vehicle over to make sure everything else is in working order. At that time, you can ask whatever you want about keeping your car nice over the winter months. You can also call us any time you’d like. We’re here for you no matter what you need to ask.

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