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Preserve Your Engine With Auto Repair

By September 28, 2020Auto Repair
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Even if you don’t know a lot about vehicles, you know the engine in the car is very important. If it doesn’t work right, you’re not going anywhere. It can overheat on the road and strand you at a moment’s notice if you don’t take care of it. It’s important to preserve your engine with the proper auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. In order to keep the engine running efficiently and effectively, take these tips to heart and save money in the meantime.

Keep It Clean

There are a lot of things in your life that you clean to maintain them. You might not think of the engine as being one of them, but it should be. The engine is a dirty part of the vehicle and it can get worse with debris, dust, and grime. Those things can block filters and make it hard for the engine to cool down the right way. One of the best ways to keep your engine clean is to get regular oil changes. When you take old, dirty oil out and place in new oil, it’s clean and gives the engine a new lease on life.

Service The Spark Plugs

There’s a chamber inside the engine called the combustion changer and is has a spark plug that needs to be cleaned periodically. Eventually, it may even have to be replaced. When you get checkups on your vehicle, have the spark plug inspected, too. Technicians can take it out, clean it with a special cleaner and brush to remove buildup and dust, and then put it back in and your engine will perform better and for longer.

Ensure Lubrication

The engine has a lot of moving parts and it has to be lubricated well. Part of that is ensuring that the oil is clean and new enough, so things don’t rub together dry and cause damage. There are other things that go into it as well, such a seal that needs to be fitted together just right.

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Oil Change

The oil change is a simple procedure that many people put off. It’s the biggest token to keeping your engine in good shape. When the oil is changed, technicians might notice anything else that could be going wrong and head it off before it gets worse. Any time you hear engine noises or feel your car operating in a strange manner, call the mechanic and make an appointment to see what’s going on. It’s easier to fix small things (and less expensive, too) than to make large repairs you might have to if you ignore issues.

When you are ready for an oil change, a checkup, or any other kind of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Give us a call to ask questions or to make an appointment for any car needs you have. If we find anything awry, we’ll show you what’s wrong and explain it all. We never try to pull one over on you.

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