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Temperature And You Tires

By January 6, 2020Auto Repair
Philadelphia, PA auto repairs

There are a wide variety of temperatures to deal with in this area of the country and the changes can have an impact on a lot of things. For one, your attire changes drastically from the summer to the winter months. The way you maintain your home changes as well. You switch off the AC for the heat, for example. Did you know that your tires are also affected by the change in temperatures? They are and specialists in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA can help you understand what’s happening and why.

The outside temperature can impact your tires in various ways. If there’s a quick, drastic change, for example, the pressure in your tires could change quite a bit as well. If it’s cool one day and hot the next, the pressure in the tire increases. If the temperature drops from the interior of your garage to outside of your home, the tire pressure could drop accordingly. When temperatures fluctuate, keep an eye on the tire pressure in your vehicle to keep it safe and efficient. Many vehicles today have automatic readers and the computer within the car will alert you when pressures are too low or too high. If not, keep a tire pressure gauge in your car and check the pressure when you get gas.

Tires are made of synthetic and rubber compounds and the oils in those help with elasticity. When the sun heats up, the oil can dry up more and that can cause the tires to split and crack or become more brittle. Watch for any wear of that type so you can replace the tires before you lead yourself into an unfortunate incident or even an accident.

Cold weather often causes tires to become dangerously under-inflated, which can lead to hazardous driving, especially in snowy conditions. You use more fuel and create more wear on the tire. They could even blow out if they aren’t attended to.

Keep an eye on your tires as temperatures change and check the tires for the manufacturer date code. That is the date by which the manufacturer recommends replacement. The year is generally at the 6-year mark. Even if tires look decent, they may not be of the right age if they are well above their age to be replaced.

IT’s best to get your vehicle in for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA as temperatures change for new seasons so you can have your tires inspected, your oil changes, and everything else checked out as well. You want to be able to drive safely in the heat of the summer, the cold of the winter, and every temperature in between. Contact the experts at Schafer’s Auto Center if you have questions about your tires, what you need to do under certain weather conditions, or how to maintain them well. You can call us at (215) 755-1270 or visit SAR for a tune-up in person when it’s convenient for you at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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