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Laws That, When Broken, Cause Auto Repair Shop Visits

By December 17, 2018Auto Repair
Philadelphia auto repair shop

There are many traffic laws that make sense. Speeding, for example, can be dangerous. The speeds are set as safety measures and you know if you speed, you could get caught and a fine could be in your future. Also, if you speed and get into an accident, a visit to a Philadelphia auto repair shop is almost a given. But there are plenty of laws that don’t make as much sense pertaining to vehicles and the roads. Most of them seem to be things that no one would ever do, but apparently someone did or there wouldn’t be a law. Here are a few to make you laugh and make you glad to live in Pennsylvania.  

In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive when wearing a blindfold. Is that something you would want to try? We’re pretty sure anyone that did ended up in the auto repair shop. On the other side, in California, it’s illegal to use the street as a bed. No napping on the street…because you never know when someone from Alabama is near and might be driving blindfolded in a state that allows it.  

In Oklahoma, it’s downright illegal to read a comic book when driving. Perhaps the pictures are distracting. Straight up books with just words must be okay, but comic books are what keep auto repair shops in business. And in Alaska, you can’t tie a dog to the roof of your car and drive around. It’s cold there and that’s just mean.  

In Missouri, you can certainly honk your horn at someone if you own the vehicle, but if you are in someone else’s car, you may not honk. It’s illegal to honk another person’s horn. And in Kansas, you can’t screech your tires or you could get 30 days in jail. On the other hand, you are actually supposed to honk your horn before passing another vehicle in New Jersey, but don’t honk in the drive through after nine at night in Arkansas or you might get arrested.  

Maryland can fine you if you curse from your vehicle, but in New York, they’re more worried about people disrobing while driving because it’s illegal to take your clothes off when in your vehicle. South Carolina can fine you for keeping trash in your vehicle. Perhaps it distracts the drivers as well?  

These laws all have a background, though we have no idea what they are. Perhaps too many people were ending up in auto repair shops after reading comic books while driving? No matter what happens to your vehicle, accidents are accidents. When you need a Philadelphia auto repair shop to help you with your repairs, contact Schafer’s Auto Center by calling (215) 755-1270 for an appointment. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and while we won’t scold you for honking someone else’s vehicle, we will fix whatever is wrong with your car, even if you’ve left trash in it or cursed from it, though we don’t encourage either for your own good. 

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