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Stay Ahead of Brake Repair Needs

By October 8, 2018Brake Repair Shop
brake repair in Philadelphia, PA

There are plenty parts in your vehicle that are essential to how it runs, but there’s nothing more essential to your safety than the brakes. The brakes are what you use to slow down fast if something gets in your path. They are the difference between getting into an accident or stopping in time. That makes Philadelphia, PA brake repair an essential car maintenance item. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, stay on top of break repair so you are proactive about your chances on the road.  

Learning the signs that your vehicle needs brake repair isn’t too hard. Much of it boils down to the sounds your vehicle makes. You know what your car sounds like normally so if you notice squealing or screeching when you are stepping on the brake, brake repair is probably in order. If you address the issue quickly, it is probably just a brake pad that needs to be replaced. That part is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. If you ignore the sounds, there could be further damage in the future.  

Philadelphia, PA brake repairYou also know what your vehicle feels like as you operate it around the curves and down the road. If you feel vibrations in the vehicle when you are trying to brake, it might be that your brake rotors are wearing down from use. They can be warped over time and brake repairs are in order in those cases as well.  

You also likely know how long it usually takes you to stop. Consider your normal route to and from work and pay attention to when you press on the brakes and where you stop. If that changes and it takes you longer and longer to stop, it’s only a matter of time before you get into an unsafe situation. Get your brakes check to see if they need brake repair. Being able to stop in a short distance can make a huge difference in a dangerous situation. 

Ignoring brake repair is not in anyone’s best interest. You want to get where you need to go safely, and you want those traveling with you and anyone around you to be safe as well. The moment you notice that your brakes aren’t functioning up to par, you should get in for brake repair. It’s possible they just need a little adjustment or some new pads. But it’s certainly not worth the risk to drive on brakes that aren’t 100% working. You never know what’s going to happen out there and you need to have your vehicle in the best stopping order at all times.  

If you’re ready for Philadelphia, PA brake repair, or you just want to get your brakes checked out to see what they might need, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270. We’ll set you up with an appointment and make sure your brakes are in perfect working order. SAR is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA and we’re here to help with your brakes before it’s too late. 

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