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Race to the Finish, but Know When to Stop

By April 30, 2018Brake Repair Shop

It feels like life is filled with races, right? You race to get to work and then you race to get home. You race to the store and back so you can get all your errands in before the kids get home from school. And then you help them race through their homework so you can race them to their activities that night. When does it end? It’s a good idea to slow down from time to time to really take stock of your life. That’s especially true when it comes to your vehicle. When you live in Philadelphia, PA, everything can feel like a race at times. But you don’t want to be in a race of any kind without good brakes on your vehicle. Here are some signs to watch for so you know when you need to stop what you’re doing and where you’re going to get brake repair.

The Brake Repair Light Comes On
There’s nothing worse than seeing a warning light on your vehicle at an inconvenient time. But really in your life, is any time going to be convenient? Probably not! And those lights are on the dashboard for a reason. If you take care of the brake repair right away, it could be something minor like worn brake pads that can easily be replaced. If you ignore it, things could get much worse and more expensive.

The Brakes Squeal When You Use Them
Your brakes aren’t something that should make noise. You have driven your vehicle long enough to know what noises it does and doesn’t make on a regular basis. Sometimes brakes might squeal a little when they’re wet, but if your brakes consistently make noise when you step on them and you notice it’s taking you longer to stop than normal, you need brake repair right away. There’s no use rushing around and putting you and your family in danger with bad brakes.

You Haven’t Had Brake Service In As Long As You Can Remember
Perhaps you’re faithful about your oil changes and that’s great. When you work with the right auto repair shop, if you need brake repair, they’ll tell you! But if you haven’t had any brake repairs in a really long time, you really should have them inspected. It’s a lot easier to race around with peace of mind that your brakes are going to help get you there safely.

Whether you need brake repair in Philadelphia or have another issue with your vehicle, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center is here to help. Give us a call at 215-755-1270 to make an appointment. We’ll check over your brakes, change your oil, and make sure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Sure checkups and repairs cost money, but they actually end up saving you money in the long run. Plus who doesn’t want to drive a safe vehicle! Stop by and see us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148!

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