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What do You want in Auto Maintenance and Service?

By January 8, 2018Auto Maintenance

When you go to a restaurant, you expect certain things. You want the restaurant to be clean and you want to have good service. You should get what you ordered and you’d like to pay a reasonable price. Those are just a few of the things you expect from food service. When it comes to auto maintenance and service in Philadelphia, you should expect certain things there as well. You deserve to have good service and since you can take your vehicle wherever you’d like, you can pick and choose which auto center gives you what you really want. Here are a few things many customers want in an auto maintenance and service center.

#1: Experienced Technicians

This is the most important thing you should look for when it comes time for auto maintenance and service. You want to have people who are experienced and know what they are doing on your vehicle. Whether you are looking for regular oil changes or a major engine overhaul, you need certified technicians who have experience and a history of success with vehicles like yours.

#2: Modern Technology and Tools

There are a lot of technological advances in every industry and the auto maintenance and service industry is no different. You want the auto shop you choose to have the right tools for any job you bring them and the advanced technology to diagnose issues and find out what’s wrong quickly and efficiently. Without these technologies and tools, everything takes longer and labor costs add up.

#3: Good References

You will want any auto maintenance and service shop you consider to have good references from people you know and trust as well as from strangers. It’s easy enough to go onto the company website and see their testimonials, but it’s a good idea to search for references elsewhere as well. You’ll get honesty when you look outside the shop’s website to other sources. When you see good things there as well, you can trust their services on your vehicle.

#4: Cleanliness

Though it’s not number one on your list, cleanliness is important as well. If you have to sit in a waiting room during an oil change, you want to be able to sit without feeling like you have to change your clothes right after the service. Any shop is going to have oil and other items strewn about it, but things should be orderly and the waiting room should be nice and clean.

If you want to find all of those things in one auto maintenance Philadelphia and service center in Philadelphia, just look to Schafer’s Auto Center! Give us a call to make an appointment for any service today at 215-755-1270 or stop by and check our shop out in person at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. We’re friendly and honest folks and we’re happy to help you with any repairs, maintenance needs, and anything in between on your vehicle. Our experience will have you back on the road in no time!

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