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Emergency Kit Recommendations From The Auto Repair Shop

By November 26, 2018Auto Repair
Philadelphia auto repair shop

Sometimes even the best, most cautious drivers find themselves stuck in a snow bank or stranded by the side of a road in a bad snow storm. As much as we want to avoid it, the winter weather will be upon us before we know it. Your Philadelphia auto repair shop wants you to be as safe as possible at all times, even when these things happen. Use these recommendations to put together an emergency kit. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it. If you ever do, you’ll be glad it’s there.  

Emergency kits for summer and winter are totally different stories, though some of the items can crossover as well. In the winter, you’ll want to make sure you have a folding shovel on hand, for example. You certainly don’t need that in the summer. During the winter snowstorms, you might find yourself stuck in a snow bank or even plowed into a parking spot. You might need to clear the snow from around your tires and a folding shovel fits into the trunk with ease.  

You will also want to have a warm blanket or two on hand in case you are so stuck somewhere that you can’t get out of your vehicle. If you’re waiting for a tow truck to help you out, you’ll want to be as warm as possible while that wait takes place. You should also stick an extra warm pair of gloves and some thick socks into the kit as well. Your extremities will get cold before everything else so make sure they are covered.  

If you’re going to have a long wait, or you have to tough it out overnight somewhere in your car, amidst the snow, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water or two and some non-perishable snacks. Stick in some meal supplement bars and some nuts to give you the energy you need to deal with things when the time comes.  

You can put these items together and store them in a small tub on the floor of your backseat or in the trunk of your car. Some of the items you may want access to without getting out of the vehicle so keep that in mind if you put items in the trunk.  

Schafer’s Auto Center is your Philadelphia auto repair shop and we care about your safety during the winter storms we’re bound to have. If you need help getting your vehicle in shape before the winter hits, call SAR at (215) 755-1270. We’ll give your car a checkup and tune up and make sure it’s in the best condition possible for whatever the winter throws our way. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we can give you further ideas for winter weather kits and gear you might want to have on hand as well. We’ve been around the area a long time and we know just what can happen to vehicles in this region when the cold weather hits. 

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